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VITAL - zinc free

VITAL consists of a range of diets, specially developed to support the piglet in the absence of therapeutic levels of zinc, support and balance the microbiome and reduce the risk of scouring whilst maintaining feed intake and maximising performance.

What are the benefits in using VITAL?

  • Use of highly palatable and digestible ingredients to promote good early feed intake and maximised performance
  • Nutripower+ technology which incorporates knowledge of protein and starch digestion kinetics that ensures nutrients are carefully tailored to the piglet's needs
  • Includes a probiotic, prebiotic, acids and fibres to promote gut development and health and support immune function
  • Improves feed utilisation and reduces the risk of scouring

Feeding recommendations

  • The VITAL diets can be introduced to piglets from 5 days prior to weaning or as a follow on to prestarter.
  • Piglets will typically be fed between 1-3 kg of VITAL before introducing a second stage diet.
  • It is best practice to transition between diets over a period of 2 days in order to ensure minimal disruption to feed intake.
  • VITAL should be fed on a little and often basis (ideally 3-5 times daily) in a clean, dry feeder. Stale and leftover feed should be removed at regular intervals. It can also be fed as a gruel.

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