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    All Stock Mix and Pencils

    The Farmgate All Stock range of feeds is flexible, palatable and highly nutritious. They are designed to be fed to cattle and sheep of all ages, ensuring excellent health and performance. All the products in the range are nutritionally balanced to provide the required levels of energy and protein, together with essential minerals and vitamins for optimum health.

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    Course Goat Mix

    A highly nutritious coarse mix suitable for lactating goats, dry female goats, billy goats and kids. Contains only the finest ingredients providing a well balanced feed to promote growth, milk yield and fertility.

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    Duck and Goose Mix

    A complete, balanced maintainance diet for feeding to adult ducks, geese and waterfowl. A mix of Wheat, Barley, Cut Maize, Flaked Maize, Sunflower, Soya, Flaked Wheat, Cut Peas, Oats, Flaked Barley & Soya Bean Oil.

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    Classic Mixed Poultry Corn

    A complementary feed that may be fed as a supplement to a balanced Poultry ration such as Farmgate Layers Pellets. Farmgate Classic Mixed Poultry Corn is a blend of Flaked Wheat, French Non GM Cut Maize, UK Biscuit making Wheat, EC Black Sunflower.

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    Natural Layers Pellets

    Wholesome cereal grains form the basis of this diet, providing the necessary energy and fibre to support egg production, bird health and fully supplemented with necessary minerals and vitamins. Egg yolks will be rich in colour throughout the year as a result of the diet containing ingredients naturally rich in golden yellow pigments.

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