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Super Beef Mix 34

A specialist high protein balancer diet for mixing with cereals to produce complete growing and finishing diets:

  • High daily liveweight gain
  • Maintain rumen health
  • Improve feed efficiency
Super Beef Mix 34

Features and benefits

Increase intakes.

Optimum energy and starch 
A balanced level of starch, sugar and digestible fibre to balance cereals.

High protein 
34% protein from rumen degradable and by-pass protein to balance low protein cereals.

Health pack
Supplies vitamins, minerals and key trace elements (zinc, iodine, cobalt and selenium) to optimise health and performance.

Feeding guide

Super Beef Mix 34 can be mixed with cereals at variable rates to produce complete diets for growing and finishing cattle.

  14% Protein 16% Protein 18% Protein
Super Beef Mix 34 15% 25% 33%
Cereal 85% 75% 67%

This product contains Urea, do not feed to cattle under 12 weeks of age. 

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