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Super Grade + Levucell TITAN

Afbeelding: nuts

A specialist diet for semi-intensive or silage beef finishing systems: 

  • High daily liveweight gain
  • Maximum forage utilisation
  • Improve feed efficiency

Key Features

Nut: Increase intakes.

High Energy: A range of starch, sugar and digestible fibre to promote DLWG, good rumen health and better forage utilisation.

High Protein: 14% protein to limit protein wastage and allow more energy to be used for weight gain.

Health Pack: Supplies Vitamins, minerals and key trace elements (Zinc, Iodine, Cobalt and Selenium) to optimise health and performance.

Levucell TITAN: Rumen specific live yeast which, improves rumen development, increases forage digestibility and increases DLWG. 

Link: 61922