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Early Maize Varieties

Here at ForFarmers we have a range of early varieties (FAO 180-200).These varieties are usually sown mid April on only the best sites. Please browse our range below.

  • High dry matter yield
  • Low dry matter content
  • Low starch content

  • 103% Dry matter yield - 18.5 DM t/ha
  • Starch content 31.7%
  • Cell wall digestibility 57.1%
  • Excellent early vigour 7.6
  • 37.5% Dry matter content - 17.3 DM t/ha
  • Starch content 33.1%
  • Whole plant digestibility 70.3%
  • Very good early vigour
  • Very fast stover dry down

For more information

For more information on maize varieties or if you would like to speak to a specialist about how to maximise your homegrown maize please contact your local Account Manager or send us online enquiry here.

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