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Fodder crops and other seeds

Forage root crops provide a cost effective way of supplementing livestock rations during times when fodder may be scarce, dry spells in summers and the cold winter months. They can supply substantial qualitites of palatable material at relatively low production costs, balancing the amount of bought in feed required.

Benefits of Forage Root Crops:

  • Valuable alternative source of home produced feed
  • Contribute substantial amounts of fresh fodder
  • Cut feeding costs and fill feeding gaps
  • Wide range of crops for dairy, beef and sheep
  • Offer rotational benefits
Afbeelding: fodder beet

Forage Root Crops

Fodder Beet - offers higher yield potential than any other arable fodder crop

Forage Rape - Fast growing leafy forage crop, suitable for grazing by sheep or cattle

Hybrid Brassicas - Good combination of rapid growth and winter hardy

Kale - Well proven forage crop which consistently provides very high yields of succulent green fodder

Stubble Turnips - Excellent fast growing catch crop which can produce nutritious, highly palatable feed

Swede - High energy winter hardy crop for feeding to all livestock

Root Mixtures - High energy, fast growing crop suitable for grazing by sheep or cattle

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