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Well managed grassland provides the most economic feed to livestock either as grazing or conserved forage. With input costs increasing, selecting the correct grass seed mixture to suit the specific system is essential to maximise performance efficiency.

ForFarmers use only the best varieties from leading plant breeding programs in TOPGRASS seed mixtures. These are higher yielding, better quality varieties providing improved use of fertiliser to boost grassland productivity and animal output.


  • Combines the latest recommended grass and clover listed varieties.
  • Includes the latest high sugar grasses which can increase milk over the grazing season by 6%.
  • Incorporates maximum fibre digestibility varieties. Every 1% in DNDF results in 0.25litres milk / cow / day.
  • Maximises the profitability of home grown forage on the farm.
  • Good intake potential to support extra milk production or improved liveweight gain.
  • Improved rumen health.
  • Maximum yield, persistency and disease resistance.
  • Incorporates ryegrass plus grasses (festuloliums) for longletivity and forage quality.
Afbeelding: TOPGRASS - Short Term

Short term mixtures

2 – 3 year intensive silage mixes incorporating ryegrass plus grasses for persistency, yield, and quality and stress tolerance to withstand the extremes of the seasons. Will provide multiple quality cuts throughout the season.

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medium term grass mixtures

Medium term mixtures

3 – 4 year dual purpose cut and graze options incorporating hybrids and perennial ryegrasses or multi cut silage mixtures to provide yield and quality.

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Long term mixtures for beef cattle

Long term mixtures

5+ year mixture combining high sugar and high fibre digestibility varieties for yield and quality for all dual purpose requirements.

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Topgrass beef grazing mixtures

Grazing mixtures

Mixtures designed for high quality grazing that will enable liveweight gain and milk production.

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topgrass overseeding

Overseeding mixtures

Overseeding using the correct mixture will maintain the physical and nutritional quality of swards and will maintain production beyond its expected life. Using Pronitro coated seed will improve establishment vigour at the most crucial stage in the process.

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Organic mixtures for beef cattle

Organic mixtures

Mixtures incorporating varieties for their ability to produce quality forage within a low input scenario. Clover inclusion to fix nitrogen and improve protein and digestibility.

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PLUS grasses

PLUS grasses

Otherwise known as festuloliums, these hybrid ryegrass have been developed by crossing meadow fescue or tall fescue with Perennial ryegrass or Italian ryegrass.

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