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Cattle Blend

A firm favourite with many of our customers. Suitable for feeding to cattle from 3 months onwards. A high energy, fully pelleted, mineralised and screened blend, available in 16, 18 and 20% protein. Formulated to: 

  • Encourage frame development
  • Maintain rumen health
  • Improve feed efficiency

Burnswark Blend

A fully pelleted,  mineralised and screened nutty blend, designed for feeding to growing cattle from 3 months onwards. Available in 16 & 18% protein. 

Enhance your blend with any of the following ingredients: 

  • Flakes: Flaked Beans & Flaked Maize.
  • Barley: Micronised Barley.
  • Lintec: A specific variety of Linseed, high in Omega 3 fatty acids that has been thermo extruded to   produce an unique feed ingredient.
  • Levucell: A live yeast to stabilise rumen Ph, improve rumen health and increase daily liveweight gain.
  • Megalac:  Rumen protected fat- Increases diet energy density.
Link: 61921