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Producing the very best pedigree bulls

Sector News Sector News4-7-2018

Maintaining good feed intakes to promote growth is key to the success of any beef enterprise, and the case is no different for Carmarthen based producer, Richard Griffiths, and his herd of pedigree Limousin cattle.

Richard farms in partnership with his parents in Llangain, near Carmarthen, where they manage a herd of 60 pedigree Limousin cows, producing pedigree bulls and heifers.

“We take great pride in what we do and regularly show our best livestock in shows across South Wales, including the Royal Welsh Show,” explains Richard. “We want to produce the very best pedigree bulls and heifers that we can, and to keep the quality of our livestock high, we make sure that we are bringing the very best genetics onto the farm. To this end, we use three French stock bulls and carry out embryo transfers to produce more offspring from our best performing cows.”

As well as keeping a close eye on genetics, Richard knows how important getting the right nutrition and management programme in place is to maximising his livestock’s performance.

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Regular weighing is crucial

“Regularly weighing cattle is important - especially during the early growth period - to ensure that our growth rate targets are being met and that animals stay on track to be in the best condition when the time comes to sell them,” says Richard. “The figures that you obtain from regular weighing can help you keep a close eye on performance, assess feed intakes and identify problem areas before they have a chance to negatively impact cattle performance.”

“We decided to switch over to Prime Beef Grower nuts + Levucell in the autumn of 2017, to try and help improve the performance of our cattle,” continues Richard. “Since making the switch, feed intakes have increased, and so too have growth rates and the consistency in growth rates, which is exactly what we were hoping to achieve. We have been very pleased with the results so far.”

Live yeast helps improve feed efficiency

Prime Beef Grower + Levucell from ForFarmers is specially designed for growing cattle and creep feeding systems, and contains 16% protein content to promote muscle growth and strong frame development. The feed contains Levucell TITAN live yeast, which helps to improve feed efficiency and maintain rumen health.

“We sell most of our pedigree bulls in the Brecon Livestock Market’s pedigree Limousin sales, so getting animals looking healthy and in top condition for these sales is essential,” concludes Richard. “The feed helps us to achieve this goal and get good results in the sales ring.”