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Organic Minerals

Minerals and trace elements are essential for healthy, productive livestock. It is essential mineral nutrition is assessed using the results of forage analysis to avoid deficiency and over feeding.

A range of supplements are available to ensure any shortfalls are addressed. 


Minline Natural Cattle GP

Minline GP APP

An organic Soil Association Certified mineral formulated to meet requirements across a range of cattle feeding systems. 

Optimin selenium improves bioavailability and works to support the immune and antioxidant function in the absence of vitamin E. The addition of organic seaweed provides an additional source of natural trace elements, amino acids, anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids.


Levucell Natural

Levucell TITAN is a rumen specific live yeast. This feed additive is unique to ForFarmers and has a number of features which benefit rumen health and production in dairy cows.

Levucell's main benefits are that it maintains a constant rumen pH, reduces rumen acid loading and improves fibre digestion, milk yield and rumen health.

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