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Dairy Minerals

Supplying the correct amount of vitamins, minerals and trace elements is important for optimum production, health and fertility. Deficiency or excess of minerals can reduce performance and seriously affect animal health. 

ForFarmers offer various minerals including:

  • MinLine General Purpose - Suitable for youngstock or lactating cattle. This mineral is cost effective all round specification to suit most rations and feeding systems.
  • MinLine Elite Dairy - Designed for feeding to lactating dairy cattle on grass based systems or where the supply of other mineralised feedstuffs is low. Contains a high level of phosphorus and zinc to support high yielding dairy cows. 
  • MinLine Intamin Dairy - A dairy mineral designed for PMR or TMR feeding systems. To balance the different mineral profiles found in straight feeds used in home mixing systems. 
  • MinLine Super Phos - A high phosphorus mineral ideal for buffer feeing alongside a grass based diet. Also suitable for feeding to heifers where additional phos is required. 
  • MinLine Super Mag - A high mag supplement to help prevent grass tetany (staggers) during risk periods. 
  • MinLine Maize Match - This mineral is designed to be fed in PMR or TMR dairy feeding systems with high inclusions of maize silage >40% of forage DM intake.  

Dairy Buckets and Blocks

Our mineral bucket range:

  • Cattle General Purpose - a molassed mineral and vitamin supplement designed to balance mineral deficiencies in forages and grazing.
  • High Mag Cattle - a molassed mineral and vitamin supplement containing high levels of magnesium to hep prevent grass staggers during summer and autumn months. 
  • High Phos - ideal for growing cattle and bulling heifers at grass where phosphorus levels are low. Also supports cattle health and performance. 
  • Translac Dry Cow - a supplement designed for pre-calving dairy cows. Contains low levels of calcium and high levels of magnesium to help prepare the cow for lactation and reduce the risk of milk fever. 
  • Cattle Energy & Protein - high energy and protein molassed mineral and feed supplement designed for use at grass and with forage rations to provide both extra energy and protein. Also available in our Natural range. 
  • Summer Garlic - provides a full range of essential minerals and vitamins to compensate for any deficiencies while grazing. Suitable for both cattle and sheep, the inclusion of garlic helps repel flies and biting insects to reduce irritation to livestock and associated disease risks.
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