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Micro Balance is a range of nutritional supplements to be incorporated in TMR or PMR diets.

Each product has a specific nutritional function and can be included to supply nutritional benefits or to correct specific nutritional problems which may be affecting herd performance.

Micro Balance products target the four advantages:

  • More production
  • Better quality
  • Improved health
  • Reduce cost
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MicroBalance Range

Our Microbalance range includes products such as MB RumiBuff and Levucell TITAN.

RumiBuff is a balance of natural marine algae and natural antioxidants. Its honeycombed structure increases the surface area and breaks down more slowly than conventional buffers in the rumen. MB RumiBuff increases continual buffering effect, rumen pH and rumination. The result is a more stable rumen pH, healthy rumen microbes and increased fibre digestion. This in turn increases milk production from forage. 

Levucell TITAN is a rumen specific live yeast. This feed additive is unique to ForFarmers and has a number of features which benefit rumen health and production in dairy cows. It maintains a constant rumen pH, reduces rumen acid loading, improves fibre digestion and improves milk yield and rumen health. Levucell TITAN increases enzyme activity, fibre digesting bacteria activity and forage surface area resulting in more energy available to the rumen microbes for microbial protein production.

ForFarmers offer many more Microbalance products. For more information, contact your local Account Manager or get in contact via our Contact page

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