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How is SelcoPlus produced and processed?

You maybe interested in finding out the story and raw materials that go into SelcoPlus so here is an insight into how the product is manufactured, processed and ends up on your farm. 

Who are Sedamyl?

Sedamyl are a leading grain processer and use Yorkshire grown wheat to manufacture starches, sweeteners and alcohol at their plant in Selby North Yorkshire. In 2012 ForFarmers entered into a relationship to process their by-products resulting in the added value moist blend, Selcoplus that you see on farm today.

How are the raw materials processed?

High quality raw materials are collected from the Sedamyl site, which is perfectly located only half a mile from ForFarmers mill. This keeps the movement of raw materials to a minimum and in turn minimises our carbon footprint.

Using a dedicated mixer in the ForFarmers mill the raw materials are combined together to offer a high performance moist blend that is nutritionally rich in protein and energy.

During the process every load is treated with a bespoke acid preservative for keeping quality. With each and every load being mixed to order directly into the transport vehicle on the day of delivery, customers can be assured of freshly mixed feed each and every time with the consistency of supply on farm all year round.

A circular approach

Here below is a flow diagram showing the product lifecycle and journey. It begins on farm with the wheat being grown in the fields. Once harvested it is utilised at Sedamyl's factory and manufactured into a range of products. The co-products are then delivered to ForFarmers and we make this into a moist feed which can delivered back to farms.

A circular approach

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