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RumaxX is a unique combination of plant extracts which stimulate rumen microbes and gut flora to help drive more efficient conversion of forage in to milk. 

RumaxX improves digestion in the rumen and intestine and adds up to 1.3 litres of additional milk from forage for as little as 8p per cow per day. It also helps to:

  • Increase milk from forage
  • Increase forage intakes
  • Ideal for farms with lower energy silage looking to aid better digestion
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What is RumaxX?

RumaxX a rumen modifier, is a new feed additive that will help you get the most from this year’s forages. RumaxX stimulates the rumen microbes and gut flora resulting in a more efficient conversion of feed and/or forage into milk. This results in better utilisation of forage, more milk and more fat.

Trial results

Trials of RumaxX have been completed by ForFarmers Nutrition Innovation Centre (NIC), see Table 1.

  Control RumaxX Difference
Milk Yield FPCM (kg) 35.6 36.9 1.3
Fat (g/d) 1,442 1,542 100
Protein (g) 1,199 1,232 33
Fat % 4.42 4.53 0.11
Protein % 3.65 3.62 -0.03

Not only will ForFarmers customers benefit from the greater milk profile and yield, but the higher feed conversion efficiency RumaxX provides leads to lower CO2 emission – a measurement farmers are under increasing pressure to reduce.


RumaxX is an exclusive product to ForFarmers in the UK and Europe. RumaxX is included in the Optima Silage Enhance dairy compounds and is available as as a farm pack for inclusion in PMR and TMR diets. RumaxX is also available in blends across the UK. 

For more information

For more information about RumaxX, advice on how to improve your herd's feed efficiency or intakes please speak to your local ForFarmers Account Manager or send us an online enquiry:

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