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SedaGold is a palatable, high energy and protein liquid co-product which mixes easily with other feeds. This free flowing liquid is produced from the fermentation process of wheat and improves rations and dry matter intakes by providing a consistent nutritional specification.

SedaGold is an excellent solution and can be fed to dairy, beef and sheep. Nutritionally here are the key features and advantages:


Enhances palatability

SedaGold is produced from a Yorkshire manufacturer of starches and alcohol. The syrup has high sugar and good salt levels making it a highly palatable liquid which helps to drive intakes in all classes of ruminant stock.

Supply and traceability

The liquid is manufactured from local ingredients, which ensures full traceability and consistency of supply throughout the year.

Drive intakes

Total and partial mixed rations are enhanced as SedaGold holds the meal and the fibre, ensuring the ration stays thoroughly mixed and reduces the ability for the ruminant stock to sort the dry ingredients out. 

Easy to store

The product is supplied in 28 tonne tanker loads and with its dry matter at 25%, would need to be stored in a tank with the appropriate pipework to allow delivery and dispatch of the product on farm. The keeping quality means the product will stay fresh for up to 4 weeks on farm.


SedaGold is suitable for a variety of feeding systems and improves ration dry matter intakes. 

Feeding guide & delivery details

Introduce SedaGold gradually over 7-14 days ensuring that sufficient long fibre is present in the diet. One of our fully qualified nutritionists will happily assist you in getting the most out of SedaGold in your diet.

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