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SelcoPlus FAQ's

A handy guide to answer all of your frequently asked questions. If you have a question unanswered please contact one of our DML specialists who will be more than happy to help you.

How much should I feed?

Introduce SelcoPlus gradually over 7 - 14 days ensuring that sufficient long fibre is present in the diet. Dairy and beef can be fed up to 12kg/head/day. For sheep up to 2kg/head/day.

One of our fully qualified nutritionists will happily assist you in getting the most out of Selcoplus in your diet. Please contact us for more advice.

How much does SelcoPlus cost?

Spot prices are available, however customers can also take advantage of a fixed price contract offering consistency and peace of mind. Please contact us for specific prices into your area.

How do I store Selcoplus?

Following delivery, Selcoplus must be left uncovered for 12-24 hours to allow any heat remaining from manufacture to dissipate. Then, the product should be clamped, sheeted tightly (with weights, etc) to exclude all air. Once ensiled the bespoke acid preservative ensures the keeping quality and it’s storage for up to six weeks.

How long will Selcoplus keep?

SelcoPlus is treated with a bespoke acid preservative ensuring it’s keeping quality for up to 6 weeks.


What load sizes are available?

Delivery is available in bulk by either a 28 tonne artic or 20 tonne rigid tipped load.

Where do you deliver to?

SelcoPlus can be delivered nationwide. Please contact us to place an order. 

How do I place an order?

​​​​​​You can place an order by contacting our office directly on 08700 500 306. Alternatively send us an online enquiry

For more information

For more information about SelcoPlus, advice on how to improve your feed efficiency or intakes please speak to your local ForFarmers Account Manager or send us an online enquiry:

Contact a SelcoPlus specialist