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A performance moist blend, nutritionally rich in energy and protein which is ideal for driving intakes.

SelcoPlus is a great addition to rations as it helps balance a variety of forage mixes. It's unique bespoke preservation characteristics enhance it's keeping quality. SelcoPlus is manufactured to order all year round for consistency of supply.

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Feeding SelcoPlus

Top 5 benefits of SelcoPlus

SelcoPlus is a high performance moist feed designed to boost milk yields and quality. Find out about top 5 benefits and nutritional composition that makes it such a flexible feed solution.

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How is SelcoPlus produced and processed?

Sedamyl are a leading grain processer using Yorkshire grown wheat to manufacture starches, sweeteners and alcohol at their plant in Selby. 

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SelcoPlus FAQ's

SelcoPlus FAQ's

All of your frequently asked questions have been answered in our latest article. Find out what load sizes are available, how to order, store and feed SelcoPlus.

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For more information about SelcoPlus, advice on how to improve your feed efficiency or intakes please speak to your local ForFarmers Account Manager or send us an online enquiry:

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