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Top 5 benefits of SelcoPlus

SelcoPlus is a highly palatable moist feed with a distinctive fresh aroma and a golden brown colour. Nutritionally it can be fed alongside silage or other forage stocks and due it's high dry matter content you don't need to feed as much, compared to other traditional moist co-products.

SelcoPlus is an excellent feed and can be fed to both beef and dairy animals. There are many advantages to the product but here are the top 5 benefits: 

1. Enhances palatability

SelcoPlus is a manufacturing co-product produced in Yorkshire and includes wheat syrup, wheatfeed and a bespoke acid preservative. It’s fresh aroma, sugar levels and keeping quality ensures palatability which helps drive intakes across a range of ruminant stock.

2. Fully traceable and consistency of supply

Sedamyl are a leading grain processer and use Yorkshire grown wheat to manufacture starches, sweeteners and alcohol at their plant in Selby. The high quality raw materials are collected from Sedamyl, which is located only half a mile from ForFarmers mill.

Using a dedicated mixer the raw materials are combined together to offer a high performance moist blend that is nutritionally rich in protein and energy. With each and every load being mixed to order directly into the transport vehicle on the day of delivery, customers can be assured of freshly mixed feed each and every time with the consistency of supply on farm all year round.

3. Drive intakes

Nutrient rich, SelcoPlus has a proven track record of enhancing rations to produce more milk production, better daily liveweight gains and balancing lower energy forages, through it’s supply of starch, sugars, protein and net energy.

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4. Easy to store

During the manufacturing process every load is treated with a bespoke acid preservative which ensures keeping quality and storage for up to 6 weeks. With dry matter content at 46% means it can be ensiled or stacked easily on farm. 

5. Flexible feed solution

SelcoPlus can be used in a variety of feeding systems to balance forage stocks and improve ration dry matter. It is an excellent feed for beef stores or growers as it has a good levels of protein and energy which enhances frame growth. It an be mixed with silage or straw.

SelcoPlus is also suited to any PMR or TMR based diet, as it mixes well with forage, improving the open structure and reducing sorting from the overall mix.  

Feeding guide & delivery details

Introduce SelcoPlus gradually over 7 - 14 days ensuring that sufficient long fibre is present in the diet. One of our fully qualified nutritionists will happily assist you in getting the most out of SelcoPlus in your diet.

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For more information about SelcoPlus, advice on how to improve your feed efficiency or intakes please speak to your local ForFarmers Account Manager or send us an online enquiry:

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