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Hipast tall Fescue Plus Grass

Afbeelding: grass

The all new festulolium Hipast is a very persistent perennial type grass which is a cross of Italian Ryegrass and Tall fescue. With its comprehensive ground cover, density and softness it is very suitable for grazing systems.

Hipast is late to start but has very fast regrowth and yield increasing year on year. As well as its exceptional high yield, Hipast exhibits a very high content of digestible matter in combination with a high energy content. Trial results show Hipast has a ME value of 11.4 and a D-Value of 71.7 

One major advantage of Hipast is that it will only produce seed heads once in the season and after heading will remain vegetative allowing for late season ease of management and extended sward palatability.

Along with its high disease resistance, Hipast will not only suit cold areas with its winter hardiness but is also suited to warm, humid areas that can be effected by drought periods and diseases. 

Hipast is suitable for many mixtures but its use in intensive grazing systems due to its exceptional ground cover is where it shows its full potential. It complements perennial and hybrid ryegrass.

Hipast tall fescue plus increases the persistency of a mixture as they are able to tolerate challenging and stressful conditions with their deep rooting system. Its yield performance acts like a perennial ryegrass at over 17t dry matter / hectare but under stress conditions will continue to yield at the same rate whereas as Perennial ryegrass yield can be suppressed.

After extensive breeder trials and practical on farm evaluation, ForFarmers include Hipast at a rate of 20% in their Topgrass range. It features in the Topgrass Dairygen - Intensive grazing mix along with all Diploid Intermediate and late Perennial ryegrasses and also in Topgrass All Graze which is Diploid intermediates and lates with a small percentage of Tetraploid.