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Pinnacle Maize

Reaching new heights for starch yield

Maximum starch yield and improved cell wall digestibility, maximising energy yield and feeding performance from an early harvest.

  • Very early maturing variety
  • Top starch yields
  • Very high Dry Matter yield


Afbeelding: Pinnacle Maize spec

• Early harvest most sites
• Improved feeding performance
• Great return on investment


New! - One of the highest yielding First Choice varieties on the 2019 BSPB / NIAB list. 


*First Choice favourable List 2019


• Excellent early vigour for rapid early season growth
• Early maturing and is suitable for all Maize growing sites
• Good Eyespot tolerance


• Top variety available for starch yield
• Combines a very high starch content with improved digestible fibre, to produce superb quality silage
• LGAN accredited

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