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Root Brassica Mixtures

Afbeelding: root brassicas

Root mixtures are becoming increasingly popular by providing a balanced feed that can be grazed insitu. Root mixtures combine the benefits of stubble turnips providing energy and forage rape providing high protein.


60% Forage Rape/35% Stubble Turnips/5% Kale

Combines Forage Rape to ensure quick establishment and high protein yield. The stubble turnips provide energy and for stock holding. Ideal for fattening stock. Suitable for grazing from July to December. Sow mid April to mid September.


60% Stubble Turnips/30% Forage Rape/5% Kale

Ideal for sowing after winter cereals. Suitable for post Christmas grazing. Very good winter hardiness. Sow mid July – mid September.


20% Appin Grazing Turnip / 40% Swift Brassica / 36% Stego Forage Rape / 4% Maris Kestral Kale

Blend of fast growing grazing turnips and forage rape. Combines the yield and quality with the regrowth potential of swift. Sow from end of April. Can be grazed withing 8 weeks. Feed from June to October. Sow at 2.5 Kg / Acre


50% Bittern Kale / 50% Swift Brassica

Very winter hardy, high yielding blend suitable for cattle grazing. Sow from April to end May. Feed from Nov - March. Sowing rate 2.0 kg / acre


55.5% Swift Brassica / 40% Appin Grazing Turnip / 4.5% Maris Kestral Kale

Includes the winter hardiness and feed value of Maris Kestral Kale and Swift for later grazing. Sow from May to end June. Grazing within 8 - 10 weeks. feed from Sept - Dec. Sowing rate 2.25 kg / acre


33.3% Swift Brassica / 33.3% Redstart Brassica / 28.8% Appin Grazing Turnip / 4.5% Maris Kestral Kale

Suitable for late sowing to supplement forage during the winter. Suitable for cattle and sheep. Sow from july - August. Graze within 8-10 weeks. feed from Nov - feb. Sowing rate 2.25kg / acre


25% White Clover / 12.5% Tonic Plantain / 62.5% Chicory

Can be sown in strips or added to grass which will provide a nutritious leafy food with high mineral content. The mix should last 3 years. Sowing rate 4 kg / Acre


40% Forage Rape / 50% Stubble Turnip / 10% Kale

Very fast establishment for Autumn use. Will produce a quality crop with good disease resistance.


65% Forage rape / 25% Stubble Turnip / 10% Kale

Blend designed to produce autumn or winter keep with minimal effort. The higher inclusion of forage rape helps to protect the turnips if crops are to be used later.


14.28% Kale Rape Hybrid / 14.28% Stubble Turnip / 71.42% Italian Ryegrass

Includes varieties with improved winter hardiness which makes this mixture ideal for later use. Italian ryegrass ensures the crop has improved density to help keep animals cleaner.

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