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TOPGRASS - Organic Mixtures

We have a range of organic grass mixtures. Please browse our range below. If you have any further questions please do not hestiate to contact your local Account Manager or our Forage Team here.

Activate Short Term

70% Organic (3 years)

A very high yielding mixture which is designed for maximum production over a 2-3 year period and will provide high protein and sugar levels. The mixture also benefits from the stress tolerance of Ryegrass Plus.

  • Excellent disease resistance
  • High dry matter yields with high levels of digestibility
  • Open growth habit allows clover to thrive
  • High inclusion rate of red clover
  • Aftermath grazing potential
  • Sowing rate 13-15kg/acre (32-37kg/ha) 
  • Heading date 19th - 25th May
Short Term Organic Grass Mix

Achieve Medium Term

70% Organic (3 - 4 years)

A mixture to provide check mix yields of forage for both cutting and or grazing, principally designed to give a very heavy first cut of silage with an optional second cut and grazing thereafter.

  • Optimum production throughout growing season
  • High Clover content improves sward quality
  • Selected perennials to ensure hard wearing productive sward
  • Red Clover improves yields in 1st two years and fixes extra nitrogen
  • Sowing rate 13-15kg/acre (32-37kg/ha) 
  • Heading date 19th May - 10th June
Medium Term Organic Grass Mix

Advance Long Term

70% Organic (5+ years)

Top quality Perennial Ryegrass varieties form the basis of this blend providing top yields and quality.  The varieties have been chosen for their ability to produce quality forage within a low input scenario.

  • Clover fixes nitrogen and improves protein and digestibility
  • Timothy improves winter hardiness and persistence 
  • Selected perennials maximise sward density and production
  • Sowing rate 13-15kg/acre (32-37kg/ha) 
  • Heading date 18th May - 18th June
Long Term Organic Grass Mix

Accelerate Ley Booster

70% Organic 

  • Suitable for overseeding after cutting or hard grazing in spring or autumn
  • Tops up sward by preventing weed grass ingress
  • Improves sward quality
  • Available without clover
  • Sowing rate 10/acre (25kg/ha) 
  • Heading date 19th May - 6th June
Ley Booster Organic Grass Mix

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For more information on TOPGRASS or if you would like to speak to a specialist about how to maximise your grassland please contact your local Account Manager or send us online enquiry here.

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