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TOPGRASS - Short Term Mixtures

We have a range of short term grass mixtures. Please browse our range below. If you have any further questions please do not hestiate to contact your local Account Manager or our Forage Team here.


Italian Ryegrass Plus Catch Crop (1 - 2 years)
Contains: GroMax

A two year intensive ley predominantly for cutting but will provide early grazing where required.

  • High yielding mixture up to 2 years duration
  • Features Perseus for persistency, yield, quality and stress tolerance
  • Multiple cuts of leafy, high quality silage
  • Rapid regrowth and very responsive to fertiliser
  • Sowing rate 14-16kg/acre (35-40kg/ha) 
  • Heading date 21st -25th May
PRIMOGEN component table


Short Term Multi-Cut Silage (2 - 4 years)
Contains: GroMax

A two to four year intensive mixture for multiple silage cuts of the very best quality. These grasses are very responsive to fertiliser so return on investment is excellent.

  • Excellent for intensive silage production
  • 80% Ryegrass PlusTM for persistency, yield, quality and stress tolerance
  • Deep rooting so will withstand the extremes of the seasons
  • Will provide multiple quality cuts through the season 
  • Sowing rate 14-16kg/acre (35-40kg/ha)
  • Heading date 21st - 25th May
SILOGEN component table


Short Term Red Clover (2 - 3 years)
Contains: GroMax

A two to three year ley intended for conservation. With a high Red Clover content this mixture will produce Multi-cut silage throughout the growing season.

  • 61% Ryegrass Plus for high yields and quality with stress tolerance
  • Deep rooting cultivars will improve soil structure and fertility whilst withstanding extremes of the seasons 
  • Optimum Red Clover content aimed at high protein silage 
  • Sowing rate 12-14kg/acre (30-35kg/ha)
  • Heading date circa 21st - 25th May
NYTROGEN component table


Short Term Italian/Westerwolds (1 - 2 years)
Contains: GroMax

A short term mixture that is ideal for spring sowing. Autumn sowing should only be on frost free sites, as Westerwolds may suffer from extreme cold conditions.

  • Very vigorous in establishment
  • Responsive to high fertiliser inputs
  • Very good disease resistance
  • Sowing rate 13-16kg/acre (32-40kg/ha)
  • Heading date 19th - 20th May
SPRINTER component table

For more information

For more information on TOPGRASS or if you would like to speak to a specialist about how to maximise your grassland please contact your local Account Manager or send us online enquiry here.

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