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Grass Bulletin

Grass Bulletin Report

In order to get the most efficient milk production it is necessary to know the nutritional value of all of the elements that make up your cows diet.

We are now analysing grazing grass and producing a fortnightly report which shows the key nutrients for England, Wales and Scotland. This will improve the accuracy of rationing your herd.

Each fortnight we upload the latest report to this page which you can easily view and print. We hope you find them useful and informative.

To view the Grass Bulletin reports click the buttons below:


Week 1 - 8th April 2022


Week 2 - 25th April 2022


Week 3 - 9th May 2022


Week 4 - 23rd May 2022



Week 5 - 8th June 2022


Week 6 - 20th June 2022