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Start the new year by refocusing on forage

Sector News Sector News3-1-2019
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Local farmers are being invited to attend a free, technical meeting, early in 2019 to learn about how to maximise milk production from forage.

Hosted by animal feed company ForFarmers, the meeting will include presentations from two specialist speakers, and aims to provide a greater insight into how farmers can change nutrition and management practices to make better use of forage resources.

During the meeting, Louis Hurdidgd, from Lallemand Nutrition, will discuss the importance of inoculant in helping to increase milk yields from forage, and Nick Berni, ForFarmers Ruminant Product Manager, will deliver a presentation on the practicalities of how better quality forage translates into improved milk production.

The meeting will be held on Monday 7th January at Tafarn y Rhos, Rhostrehwfa, Llangefni, with doors opening at 7pm and the presentations starting at 7.30pm. A buffet and refreshments will be provided.

The meeting is free to attend, but any farmers wishing to take part should register their attendance by contacting Dyfrig Hughes, from ForFarmers, on 07802 173235 or by email at dyfrig.hughes@forfarmers.eu.