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Advice from our specialist Advice from our specialist13-3-2020

When buying fertiliser, producers tend to opt for what they’ve always bought before, rather than looking at current evidence to support the use of fertilisers that improve crop yields and quality, to support healthier and more productive livestock. 


What fertiliser do you spread?

Fertilisers containing sulphur are often overlooked because they’re slightly more expensive, but evidence has shown the clear benefit of its inclusion and sulphur is now recommended by all the independent farm advisory bodies in the UK. 

Sulphur supports nitrogen efficiency and improves grass growth rates, as well as grass composition. And trials show that sulphur applications can improve grass yields, by an extra 750kgDM/ha. This offers a return of £7 for every £1 spent on sulphur.


Selenium (Se) can be applied through fertiliser to fortify grazed grass or grass silage. 

Cows require 0.3mg of Se for every 1kg of dry matter consumed. But data from Yara shows that more than 90% of grass samples have selenium levels below 0.2mg/kg. 

Applying fertiliser containing selenium can ensure that enough dietary Se is supplied by grass.

High cell counts and mastitis problems are associated with Se deficiency and feeding grass silage fortified with Se is a cost effective way to maintain good milk quality and minimise the incidence of mastitis.

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