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Delivering margins this summer

Seasonal challenge Seasonal challenge28-4-2020

With the current environment, delivering margins this summer couldn't be more vital for dairy farmers. As the total feed business, we work from the soil through to the bulk tank and help you monitor and achieve your margins and goals.

Here in this article we suggest five different areas that can help improve your dairy business margins. For more information please contact your local account manager.


Grazed grass is typically your lowest cost feed, but balancing nutrition at grass isn’t always easy. GrazeMate has been designed to get the most out of grass, reduce substitution and assist getting cows back in calf.

GrazeMate saving
  • Drive dry matter intake at grass
  • Low substitution rates
  • Drives milk solids production
  • Protects fertility
  • Enhanced with mineral, buffer and Levucell

Summer sown crops

Roots and brassicas sown now could yield a valuable change of diet at low cost in the dry of summer. Crop options of stubble turnips, forage rape, swede and kale are quick and easy to grow. For more information on our range of crops.

  • Low cost – around 8-10p/kgDM
  • Nutritionally rich – 11-12ME
  • Over 3tDM/ac in 8-10 weeks
  • Delivering a buffer of 2-4KgDM/cow/day
  • Makes good use of slurries
  • Great break crop before autumn reseed
Stubble turnips


Milk fats typically fall to their lowest during the summer months with the average falling below 4.0%. This is partly caused by some fats actually stopping milk fat being produced. OptimaCream is formulated to stop this happening, ensuring that milk fat levels keep above the minimum and add value to your milk.

OptimaCream Spec
  • Typically improves milk fat by 0.25% points
  • Worth an extra 0.50-0.75ppl on many milk manufacturing contracts. That’s worth £160-£240/week to the average sized farm
  • Suitable for cows in-doors or out at grass

Gain from grain

Caustic treated grain is a cost-effective alkaline feed providing slowly degraded starch for dairy and beef rations. It can be supplied nationwide direct from our sites. For more information on caustic wheat click here.

Caustic wheat spec
  • Typically fed at 4-5kg’s adds valuable starch to the diet whilst reducing the acid loading on the rumen
  • Caustic converts to sodium bicarbonate, effectively buffering rumen pH
  • Easy to store on-farm

Summer blends

Buffer feeding at grass is a great way of leveling out the ups and downs of grass quantity and quality. Using a silage and blend mix provides a cost-effective option to balance out the outside mix and lowering the cost of the total diet. 

Here are a range of options, alternatively we can create a bespoke blend to match your needs.

Your blend options this summer

For more information

Our goal at ForFarmers is to be your partner in finding the best solutions for you and your herd. Contact your local account manager for more details or alternatively submit an online enquiry here.