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GrazeMax is a highly palatable moist feed to increase intake and performance. GrazeMax is manufactured from co-products from the human food and drinks industry. It is very high in energy and protein and contains good amounts of digestible fibre, which makes it especially suitable to feed when forage is in short supply or as a forage extender.

The balanced nutritional profile of GrazeMax can be used in grass silage based rations for dairy cows. Vitamin and mineral supplementation should always be offered. GrazeMax contains good levels of digestible fibre which helps stimulate rumen activity promoting fibre digestion and feed efficiency.

It is an excellent feed for beef stores/growers as it has a good level of protein and energy which could benefit frame growth and can ideally be mixed with silage or straw. It is an ideal complement for beef finishers using cereal based mixes as it will provide a good source of protein, moisture and increased palatability.

Afbeelding: GrazeMax

Palatable succulent feed

GrazeMax can improve intake of Partial or Total Mixed Rations and forages.

Forage extender

A good source of digestible fibre, helps replace some forage in the diet.

Balanced supply of energy and protein

GrazeMax is formulated using quality co-products to provide a well balanced blend

Increases Dry Matter Intake

Succulent moist feeds improve intake increasing performance.

Easy to use in a TMR

GrazeMax mixes well and helps to hold the mix with forage reducing sorting at feed-out.

Easy to store on farm

Can be stored in clamps or feed bays ready to include in a TMR.

For further information or to request a quote call your local trader on 0870 0500 306.

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