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Invest in overseeding

Sector News Sector News13-5-2019
Afbeelding: overseeding grass rake

With forage stocks low during winter 2018/2019, the requirement to maximise grass productivity and quality should be considered at every opportunity.

Overseeding is a cost effective way to boost the production of a ley once the sward becomes open and weeds and unsown species start to invade. Overseeding maintains the productivity and quality of a sward.

A three-year-old ley can contain up to 30% weed grasses. Overseeding trials have resulted in up to 40% more grass yield in the following year, together with improved nutritional quality. Fertiliser efficiency can also be improved because perennial ryegrass will respond to nitrogen more effectively than weed grasses.

Overseeding is suitable for leys where the existing swards still contains a good proportion of sown species. To achieve the maximum success, overseeding is best completed when a sward has just been cut or grazed. This will reduce the competition to the new seed. Using large grass seed varieties, such as tetraploids, works best as they compete better with the existing grasses.

Using Topgrass Leybooster Dual Purpose mix, coated in Pronitro, will also improve the success of overseeding with an average of 30% more viable plants.

The precision-targeted fertiliser coating feeds only the sown seed and not weeds and weed grasses. This coating also increases the size and weight of the seed, which improves establishment vigour and seed contact with the soil.

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