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Invest in reseeding or overseeding

Reviewing silage-clamps stocks and the performance of silage during winter feeding, provides an ideal opportunity to also look at reseeding and improving both the productivity and quality of grass leys. 

Now is the time to assess grass-ley conditions and make reseeding and/or overseeding decisions. Producing more milk from forage, through improved feed efficiency, is vital to maximising profitability. By improving the quality of forages fed in the diet, the need for high-specification purchased feed is minimised.

Grassland management

Top tips

  • The ideal reseeding programme would see 20% of leys replaced each year.
  • Grass leys are at their most productive in the earlier years.
  • Productivity and quality will fall gradually, but by year five it will have reduced by 50%.
  • Overseeding or reseeding will pay for itself in the first year.
  • Reviewing all leys is important because the oldest leys may not be the least productive.

Selecting the correct grass mixture

It is important to assess the species and bare patches in the sward, alongside ley productivity and how forage made from it feed out.

Weed grasses will not only reduce yield but also lower the quality, and fertiliser utilisation will also be compromised.

Regular soil analysis and sowing the correct mixture to suit the leys’ requirements are crucial. Selecting recommended-list varieties ensures that ley mixtures are tried and tested. The mixture selection is important. Purchasing a dual-purpose mix for a cutting ley will reduce yield potential however using a mixture developed for grazing will ensure there’s a good ‘bottom’ in the ley.

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Sward stick

Quality grazing of grass leys relies on good grazing management by keeping the plants leafy and actively growing while matching the supply of the livestock needs. Utilisation of grass is often below 50% but can be up to 80% with good management.

Calculating utilised dry matter (UDM) can offer a quick guide to the forage dry matter that the animal actually uses per hectare. Expensive equipment is not required to assess the grass growth, walking the paddocks and checking growth will help assess grass stocks.

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