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Maximise the quality of your later season silaging

With improved grass yields now in the clamp following a concerning spring with regards to grass growth, it is still important to ensure that quality is maximised on the remaining silage. With ensiling being the most efficient and cost effective method to preserve harvested forage, achieving effective fermentation is crucial in producing high quality silage.

Lowering the crop pH as quickly as possible is key to maintaining nutrient value as well as creating less favourable conditions for undesirable microorganisms. Maintaining aerobic stability is crucial as yeasts and moulds are major factors in aerobic spoilage.

The component of any grass silage inoculant needs to optimise the feed value, preservation and stability of the silage. Regardless of stock type that the later cuts will be fed to, using an inoculant will help maximise the feed value and therefore increase the benefits of using home grown forage.

Silage inoculants

Silage inoculants are split into different types depending on the requirement:

ForFarmers Silage inoculants

Advance grass silage inoculant

Advance Grass Silage inoculant combines 4 key components and is ideal for the entire silaging season regardless of cutting regime or stock that the forage will be fed to.

Lactic Acid Bacteria
Contains 2 forms – Lactobacillus plantarum and Pediococcus pentosaceus. These lower the pH quickly inhibiting plant enzymes, a quicker fermentation and minimises nutrient loss from unwanted secondary fermentation.


  • Improves nutrient retention
  • Reduces spoilage organisms
  • Reduces waste from spoiled silage
  • Creates a more stable silage

Acetic Acid Bacteria
Contains Lactobacillus brevis which produces acetic acid. Acetic acid slows the growth of spoilage organisms (yeasts and moulds) in silage and TMR and reduces heating of the clamp once opened. Dry matter losses are reduced.


  • More available energy for feeding
  • Less spoilage, more consistent feed
  • Less sorting by the livestock
  • More silage available for feeding, less waste

Contains a unique enzyme mix including Xylanases and cellulases to match crop structure. Enzymes unlock the energy from plant fibres and significantly increase digestibility of the forage. Optimised grass specific enzyme mix breaks down grass plant fibres.


  • Improved milk production
  • Increased fibre digestibility for milk fat yields, growth and fertility
  • Increased fermentation efficiency

Microbial Stimulants
Includes a mix of minerals and sugars which rapidly wake up and stimulate the dormant bacteria. Protects and helps the bacteria in the inoculant to work at peak efficiency.


  • Maximise speed of action
  • Optimised energy available from the forage.


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