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Maximise the return from your grass with a fertiliser regime

Fertiliser spreading

To achieve high yields of dry matter from your grass requires the correct nutrition. The correct application and choice of fertiliser will maximise the production in terms of yield and quality.

The inclusion of sodium in fertiliser will increase grass sugar content which improves palatability. Improved palatability increases bite rate and length of grazing time. This results in increased dry matter intake and increased grass utilisation.

Early Start

Early start is the ideal high nitrogen grassland fertiliser for establishing early grassland growth and quality, whilst reducing the risk of staggers.

With the inclusion of calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN) as the nitrogen source it is less acidifying on the ground compared to an ammonium nitrogen (AN) based grade. The calcium improves the mineral balance of the forage to support milk yield.

The benefits of Early Start

  • The correct balance of nitrogen and phosphate
  • Helps to kick start root and shoot development in the spring
  • Increases rooting system for maximum nutrient use efficiency.
  • Increases dry matter yield on grazing ground by 690kg/ha
  • Enriched with sodium, important for increasing palatability which also means better rumen buffering and Mg re-absorption across the rumen

Sweet Grass

Sweet grass is a high nitrogen grassland fertiliser specifically designed to increase sward palatability and maximise milk production from grass for optimum economic returns. It therefore helps maximise grass performance whilst improving intakes.

The benefits of Sweet Grass

  • Improves palatability therefore increased intake and tighter grazing
  • Optimises grass utilisation
  • Increased dry matter intake
  • Potential to increase milk yield and butterfat
  • Reduces the risk of hypomagnesaemia


Application table fertiliser

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