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Meet the Youngstock team

Sector News Sector News3-4-2018

Michael Duncan

Afbeelding: Michael Duncan

I am based in Ayrshire and I have been a youngstock specialist with ForFarmers for two and a half years and cover Scotland and Cumbria. For me, the best part of the job is the satisfaction of seeing the physical difference in calves after my input on-farm. / 07500 097094

Rachel Kennerley

Afbeelding: Rachel Kennerley

I grew up on a dairy farm in Cheshire and now provide on-farm youngstock advice for the northern business unit, with a large focus across the middle of the country. I love being able to help in challenging situations. If a farmer has youngstock issues on farm, I will do a full review to set rearing targets and then monitor performance to ensure I am delivering the promised solutions. / 07805 806832

Peter Whittal-Williams

Afbeelding: Peter WW

Based in Camarthen, I have been working as a youngstock specialist with ForFarmers for 18 months. The complete range offered by ForFarmers gives me the flexibility to offer the right product for individual farms to help them achieve their desired results. / 07393 799560

Ann Coombes

Afbeelding: Ann Coombes

My family milk 280 Holsteins in Long Sutton in Somerset and I still milk at home at weekends. I joined ForFarmers in 2014, spending a year learning all about every area of the ForFarmers business. I then took on the role of youngstock specialist, as I’ve always had a particular interest in this area. I cover Cornwall to Kent. / 07826 534344