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Sector News Sector News12-7-2018

SelcoPlus is a highly palatable moist feed with a distinctive fresh aroma and a golden brown colour. It contains co-products from the processing of cereals and distilling. SelcoPlus is high in energy and protein content and contains moderate amounts of starch and sugar. The protein is from both distillery and cereal co-product and has a balanced amino acid profile. The nutritional composition makes SelcoPlus especially suitable when used in grass silage based rations for dairy cows. A high performance moist feed designed to boost milk yield and quality.

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Feeding SelcoPlus

SelcoPlus can be fed alongside silage or other forage stocks and the higher dry matter of the product means that less needs to be fed in comparison to traditional moist co-products. SelcoPlus is an excellent feed for beef stores or growers as it has a good level of protein and energy which could benefit frame growth and can ideally be mixed with silage or straw. SelcoPlus is suited to any PMR or TMR based diet, as it mixes well with forage, improving the open structure and reducing sorting from the overall mix.
Vitamin and mineral supplementation should always be offered.

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