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Why consider micro balance RumiBuff?

After analysing this year’s silages the results show that acid loading is higher than usual. Our dairy specialists are therefore recommending customers to feed a buffer such as RumiBuff. 

RumiBuff is a balance of natural marine algae and natural antioxidants. Its honeycombed structure increases the surface area and breaks down more slowly than conventional buffers in the rumen. For a herd of 200 dairy cows, RumiBuff could save you up to £120 per month.

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  • Maintains a constant rumen pH
  • Reduces rumen acid loading
  • Improves rumen health
  • Improves milk yield and quality

RumiBuff increases

  • Continual buffering effect
  • Rumen pH
  • Rumination

The result is a more stable rumen pH, healthy rumen microbes and increased fibre digestion. This in turn increases milk production from forage.


How does RumiBuff compare?

This graph shows the available buffering of Rumibuff compared to Sodium bicarbonate over an 8 hour period. The results speak for themselves.

RumiBuff versus Sodium Bicarbonate

Additionally RumiBuff also supplies

  • Bio-available minerals
  • Bio-available trace elements
  • Anti-oxidants and vitamins

This helps to condition the rumen microbes for increased dry matter intake and improved performance.

The results are milk fat and protein improvements as a result of better fibre digestion in the rumen and more energy made available to the cow.

August special offer: £20/T off RumiBuff

For more information about our special offer on RumiBuff please speak to your local ForFarmers account manager or call 0330 678 1133.

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