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Why should you use a maize additive?

Making the correct decision about maize variety, drilling date, when to harvest and the correct choice and use of inoculant are critical to ensure the best possible return on investment when growing maize.

Making the effort to grow the best maize crop is the main focus but it is essential to ensure that it is harvested, stored and fed out correctly to give the maximum return. Dry matter losses from clamping to feeding can be large and are usually the result of poor management.

Losses are avoidable if the maize is stored and clamped correctly and managed to prevent aerobic spoilage. Using a maize inoculant helps to encourage fermentation within the clamp and will help to significantly reduce DM losses caused by aerobic instability. Correct clamp management will aid the production of a high quality feed with increased, consistent nutrient content and will improve intakes.

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Benefits of using an inoculant

The benefits of using an inoculant to inhibit the activities of the yeast and moulds that cause spoilage include:

  • Less heating
  • Lower DM losses
  • Less physical waste
  • Higher energy feed
  • Less risk of mycotoxins

What are the savings of correct clamp management?

Temperature increase effect

Temperature in silage (C) D Value
Cool 69
30 - 35 67
50 - 60 61
70 - 75 48

There is an inverse relationship between silage temperature and D value (the content of digestible organic matter in the DM). When the silage temperature increases, the D value of the silage will drop off, which causes a potential energy deficit in the cow.

To ensure yields and cow health where required, the energy will need to be supplied from other sources which will reduce profitability significantly.

Choosing an additive

Choosing an inoculant