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Youngstock event will provide Welsh dairy farmers with expert advice

Sector News Sector News2-7-2018

Dairy farmers from across North Wales are invited to attend a youngstock rearing and transition cow event on Tuesday 10th July at Llysfasi College, Pentrecelyn, Ruthin.

The event, which starts at 11am, followed by refreshments at 1pm, is being delivered by livestock feed company ForFarmers with the aim of providing expert guidance to dairy farmers who are looking to improve future dairy herd performance through better transition cow management, youngstock and rearing.

“With heifer rearing accounting for the second largest expenditure on dairy farms after feed costs, improving calf and heifer rearing can have a significant, positive impact on improving a dairy enterprise’s profitability,” explains Rachael Kennerely, ForFarmers Youngstock Manager. “Transition cow management can be the key to getting the next generation of dairy replacements growing and performing well.”

Joining Rachael as a speaker at the event will be Philip Ambler, ForFarmers Technical Manager, and Kate Smith, ForFarmers UK Mineral & Micro Specialist, who will look at how nutrition during the transition period can impact calf health and colostrum quality and how to achieve the correct growth rates during the rearing period.

The event is free to attend but to reserve a place please call Buddug Jones on 07803 286734 or John Jones on 07388 708100.


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