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    Organic Compounds

    Our natural organic feeds are formulated to provide optimum nutrients, minerals and trace elements helping you to improve health, performance and profitability.

    Every dairy farmer has their own objectives, products within the Natural range ensure farmers achieve these objectives as well as maximising feed efficiency and delivering the right performance benefits.

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    Organic Forage

    ForFarmers offers a wide range of soil nutrients, seeds and silage products for organic farming systems. The range includes grass seeds for the short, medium or long-term as well as root forage crops, forage rye, lucerne and wholecrop options. We can also provide various varieties of organic cereals and pulses.

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    Organic Dairy Minerals & Microbalance Range

    Minerals and trace elements are essential for cow health, but research has shown that many UK dairy cows are oversupplied with minerals. Correctly balanced minerals can lead to improved performance, cow health and fertility. Our range are certified by the Soil Association and our suitable for use in organic systems. All contain organic seaweed to provide an additional source of natural trace elements, amino acids, anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids.

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