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Robot Compound Range

Our robot specific compound range has been formulated to our core Feed2Milk rationing principles. Feed2Milk is an advanced, modern and sophisticated rationing tool that truly understands how raw materials and products are digested by the cow enabling us to maximise feed conversion efficiencies, milk from forage and production from your robot, all helping to drive profitability in your business.

Cow eating ForFarmers robotic compound

Key Features

  • F2M formulation
  • High, balanced, consistent, nutritional quality – our feeds are formulated to ensure your cows receive the same high level of nutrition load after load. These feeds have been specifically formulated for high performing cows in robotic systems. Nutritional consistency is key to herd performance and maximising robot output.
  • High palatability – working closely with the team in our national innovation centre we have developed a new measure for palatability, the ruminant palatability index. Comprehensively understanding the palatability of raw materials and using this measure we will produce highly palatable feeds time after time, driving visits to your robots and greater milk production.
  • High physical quality – maximising the cow’s time in the robot is crucial to milk production and robot efficiency. That’s why we have an absolute commitment to top class physical quality in all of our compound feeds. We are continuously striving to improve at ForFarmers, and working closely with our manufacturing and research teams, we have been able to develop the most robust physical quality measure to date. This allows us to make the highest quality feeds.

Robotic Compound Range

Afbeelding: Robotic compound range - TN 2

Maxima Robot Milk 16

A 16% protein, robot specific compound option which helps balance higher protein base mixes along the feed fence.

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Afbeelding: Robotic compound range - TN 3

Maxima Robot Milk 18

An 18% protein, robot specific compound. Enables delivery of consistent nutrition from the feed fence to the robot, ensuring each cow transitions well through her milking phases, and as such lactation curves are optimised.

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Afbeelding: Robotic Compound - Maxima Boost TN

Maxima Robot Boost 18

An 18% protein, robot specific compound. It meet the highest F2M specification and supports high yielding cows. This energy dense feed with high MELK levels drives milk production.

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Afbeelding: Robotic Compound - Match TN

Optima Robot Match 18

An 18% protein, robot specific compound which ensures cows transition well throughout her milking phases. The addition of Levucell live yeast helps reduce acid loading and aids fibre digestion, which drives feed efficiency.

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Afbeelding: Robotic Compound TN adjusted

Maxima Robot Boost 18 Zero Premix

An 18% protein, robot specific compound which increases milk production. The mineral package has been removed to enable feeding without compromising the total mineral balance in the ration.

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