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Dairy Services

Managing and maximising performance is key to improved performance and higher profits. ForFarmers technical team have produced a number of programs and calculators to help our customers.

    Feed 2 Milk

    Feed 2 Milk is a unique approach to dairy cow nutrition from ForFarmers. It is based on the latest research and development, practical experience and in-house research from the UK and Europe.

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    Optifeed is the new ruminant rationing package from ForFarmers UK. The program is based on our Feed2Milk (F2M) vision and incorporates the Cow Model.

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    SilageManager is ForFarmers silage analysis service. Detailed analysis reports are available for all main forage crops in the following areas:

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    Visiolac is a unique milk analysis service that allows us to see what is happening within the cow from a nutritional perspective.

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    Insight is a reporting tool that allows us to see what is happening within the dairy herd from several different perspectives. Insight allows us to identify current and future barriers to output that can impact on the herd’s performance and thus F2M, feed efficiency.

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