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A specialist transition cow feed formulated for:

  • Improved cow performance
  • Better cow health
  • Improved calf performance

TRANSLAC Advance nuts provide a simple, complete solution for close-up transition cows. This product delivers basic and complex nutrients in an easy to feed form for optimum cow performance pre and post calving. 

Key Features

TRANSLAC Advance nuts supply key transtion nutrients and also contain a unique premix called prepare+. This combination, when fed with forage, provides a complete transition cow diet which will help to minimise the problems associated with transition and early lactation cows. 

Calcium Capture: complex minerals capture and bind free calcium and cations (sodium and potassium) which reduce the risk of milk fever and associated problems such as retained cleansings.

Liver Health: B complex vitamins prevent the build up of fat in the liver allowing it to work more efficiently in early lactation. More energy (glucose) is available to the cow for milk production.

Rumen development: glucogenic energy sources (starch) improve rumen development which maximises dry matter intake and nutrient absorption.

Colostrum quality: high levels of quality protein (26%) plus Vitamin E and Selenium boost colostrum antibody content.

Enhanced immunity: high levels of Vitamin E, Cellguard and bioavailable selenium increases resistance to infection and disease, beneficial for mastitis and metritis. 

Feeding Guide

TRANSLAC Advance nuts are designed to be fed to dairy cows in the close-up dry period (21 days pre-calving). TRANSLAC Advance nuts should be mixed with forage to produce a complete transition cow ration. 

  • Forage mineral analysis is essential to establish DCAB and calcium level of forage and total diet
  • Use Dietplan milk fever protection index to determine the risk of milk fever
  • Do not feed to freshly calved cows or lactating dairy cows


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