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A specialist transition cow diet formulated for:

  • Improved cow performance
  • Enhanced health
  • Better calf performance
Cow and calf

Features and benefits

Balanced energy
A combination of starch and digestible fibre to maximise rumen development and maintain BCS.

High protein
26% protein to encourage tissue repair and maximise colostrum quality.

Supplies a high level of Vitamins E, Cellguard bioavailable selenium and zinc to enhance immunity and health. Also supplies B vitamins to prevent the build up of fat in the liver. This improves energy availability in early lactation. 

Anionic salts
Helps to lower Dietary Cation Anion Balance (DCAB) and reduce the risk of milk fever and associated problems. 

Feeding Guide

TRANSLAC Extra should be fed to close-up transition cows (3 weeks pre-calving). It can be fed with all forage types; grass silage, maize silage and straw up to 3kg/cow/day. 

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