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A specialist nutritional supplement for fresh cows on a TMR system.

TRANSLAC Fresh Cow improves energy metabolism and liver function. This reduces the impact of negative energy balance in early lactation. 

Key Features

Glucogenic Energy: Glucogneic energy source to help boost glucose availability and energy metabolism in freshly calved cows.

Vitamins: Specially formulated B vitamin complex prevents the build up of fat in the liver allowing it to work more efficiently in early lactation. More energy (glucose) is available to the cow for milk production.

Calcium: Calcium helps reduce the risk of milk fever. 

Feeding Guide

TRANSLAC Fresh Cow can be fed to freshly calved cows (up to 40 days post calving).

TRANSLAC Fresh Cow should be incorporated into a TMR mix. It should also be part of a balanced ration alongside forage, concentrate and supplementary vitamins, minerals and trace elements. 

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