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TRANSLAC Hydroboost

Afbeelding: Hydroboost bucket

Making sure that cows quickly obtain the energy, electrolytes and calcium that they need to recover from calving will help support long-term cow health and performance.

TRANSLAC HydroBoost is a palatable, high-energy drink that is given to cows immediately after calving to quickly rehydrate a cow, replenish depleted mineral levels and help maintain blood calcium at normal levels. All of these factors give the cow the nutritional boost she needs immediately after calving.

As well as reducing the risk of milk fever in freshly calved cows, HyrdoBoost also stops cows suffering from a negative energy balance situation by stimulating dry matter intakes post calving. With increased feed intakes, a cow is more likely to maintain strong energy levels and avoid a drop in performance and body condition when starting lactation.

TRANSLAC HydroBoost comes in powdered form in re-sealable 20kg buckets, providing a convenient and easy way to provide 20 cows a kick-start to the nutritional support they need post calving.


Afbeelding: cow drinking hydroboost
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