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A specialist nutritional supplement for close-up dry cows on a TMR system. 

TRANSLAC Zero DCAB is used to produce a partial DCAB ration in the close-up period. This reduces the risk of milk fever and associated calving problems. 

Features and benefits

Glucogenic energy
Glucogenic energy source to help liver function and energy metabolism.

High protein
26% protein to encourage tissue repair and maximise colostrum quality.

Includes Vitamins A, D & E, complete trace element supply including bioavailable copper, selenium and zinc to enhance immunity and health. 

Anionic salts
Help to lower Dietary Cation Anion Balance (DCAB) and reduce the risk of milk fever.

Levucell TITAN
Rumen specific live yeast to enhance rumen development and dry matter intake. 

Feeding Guide

TRANSLAC DCAB should be fed to close-up transition cows (3 weeks pre-calving) with additional forage and concentrates. 

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