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Care and Care+

Research by our youngstock specialist team at ForFarmers has established that the average farm could reduce their costs of production by 1.18ppl or around £16,000 per annum. Our youngstock team are here to help you achieve this reduction in costs and ensure that your next generations are profitable contributors to your bottom line.

Improve calf health and performance with our Care and Care+ packages. These are a unique combination of plant extracts and short chain fatty acids which have been formulated to target specific problems associated with calf rearing:

Care+ benefits

Ingredients and benefits

1. Lactic acid - lowers the intestinal pH which prevents the growth of harmful micro-organisms. Improves palatability and stability of milk.

2. MOS (Manno oligosaccharides) - MOS bind to harmful bacteria and are then excreted by the calf leaving a healthier gut. Improving intestinal health and performance.

3. ß glucans - Stimulate macropages which are cells within the calves gut that eat foreign bodies helping the calves immune system function more effectively.

4. Plant extracts - Pine, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Echinacea and Fenugreek make up a combination of essential oils to help prevent pneumonia, boost immunity and gut health.

Care+ benefits and ingredients

Care and Care+ products

Our Care and Care+ packages are included in the following youngstock products:

Calf milk replacers


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