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Afbeelding: VITA Omega Gold bag

A high performance calf milk replacer formualted to provide advanced nutrition for fast growing calves. 

  • Enhanced growth
  • Accelerated growth rates
  • Superior bloom and performance

Calf Nutrition

The digestive system of the newborn calf is very sensitive to nutritional changes. VITAMILK Omega Gold offers a well balanced, highly digestible fat and protein level to avoid digestive problems. This ensures the calf has a plentiful supply of energy for survival and protein for growth. 

VITAMILK Omega Gold offers:

  • Very high levels of dairy raw materials to meet the performance requirement for fast growing calves.
  • Unique range of four oil sources (Palm, Coconut, Rape and Soya) to provide a well-balanced supply of energy.
  • Contains vitamins, minerals and elements to meet the requirements of accelerated growth.
  • Contains specialist health package care+ to help combat calf scour and respiratory issues.
  • Suitable for non GM feeding systems. 
Link: 61908