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Goat rations for better returns

Advice from our specialist Advice from our specialist20-12-2019

It can be challenging to meet the required milk contract specifications from your milking goats. But with advice from our goat specialist you can implement changes in both the ration and environment.

Goats feeding

Making changes

When executing changes within the diet it is paramount that changes are made gradually. Goats are browsers rather than grazers and are particularly sensitive to changes within the diet. Especially when adding grain into the diet, the rumen needs time to adjust to this. Additionally, including enough fibre is critical towards rumen function.

Transition diet

goat transition diet

Providing your transition goats with the appropriate amount of energy is vital to prevent post-kidding metabolic disorders. However it is also just as important to recognise the balance of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. A deficiency at this critical time can cause a whole host of malfunctions. Ensuring the transition goats are receiving enough vitamin E and Selenium assures good quality colostrum with a strong anti-body content.  


It may be worth considering adding molasses into the ration to increase palatability and sugar intake. Increasing palatability will in turn increase dry matter intake and aid towards accomplishing higher yields and milk solids.

Rock salt

Supplementing the goats with rock salt can be beneficial towards accelerating milk yields. Providing rock salt, increases water intake, and thus consequently the milk yield. Rock salt also holds important minerals such as sodium, chloride, calcium, magnesium and potassium. All of which boosts health and metabolic functions.

Top Tip

Assessing the texture of dung within the shed can portray how well the goats are responding to diets.

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