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Online webinar
3 December 2021
14:00 - 15:00 Hours

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AD webinar

With alternative feed prices so high, maximising gas yields from your silage is more important than ever. Join us for a technical and informative webinar where our experts will be discussing:

  • Ensiling goals and best practice guidelines.
  • Potential losses if best practice is not followed.
  • How to reduce reheating and the negative of effects yeasts, moulds, butyric, antibiotics on the digester.
  • The importance of analysing your feedstock and plant. 
  • How Silasil Energy BG & XD can help the process and control mould and yeast in the clamp.
  • Advice on sealing clamps with digestate.
  • Real life case studies.

Speakers & expertise

Afbeelding: Paul Bock TN

We are pleased to announce that our main speaker for this webinar is Paul Bock from Schaumann BioEnergy.

Paul is a specialist consultant for Austrian biogas plants and Central Eastern Europe which includes Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria. This amounts to around 200 AD plants under his direct responsibility.

Paul continues to supervise AD plants in Italy, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. He is an expert in ensiling and is often asked technical questions about the dosage units for lactic acid bacteria.

In his spare time Paul runs a small family farm in the mountains; milking 20 cows, with 15 beef cattle. For winter feed he utilises 20 hectares of grassland to make around 300 round bales of grass silage.


At the end of the presentation we will make sure that we have sufficient time for questions and answers.

There will be opportunity to submit questions during the presentation, however if you have a question before please email info@fmbioenergy.co.uk

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