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Webinar: Brian O'Riordan "How I run an intensive grazing operation with robots and what makes robotic grazing successful"

3 March 2022
19:00 - 20:00 Hours

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Brian O'Riordan

Brian O’Riordan is a 4th generation dairy farmer based in County Cork and lives with his wife Delores and three daughters. Brian runs a pure grazing system which he’s been able to perfect, not just due to his Irish heritage but also due to his international experience.

As well as running his farm he held an international role for Lely for 5 years where he travelled the world and discovered what can be done to produce the maximum ROI on grazing with robots.

Brian installed milking robots on his farm in 2017 when the milk price was still being challenged but felt the risk was outweighed by the reward. Today he’s achieving 51c/l and feels he is maximising production from grass.

Helping Brian is also his experience of working in Australia for a year as well the herd manager at the renowned Saudi Arabian farm Almarai which is reported to be the world’s largest high yielding farm.


During this webinar Brian and Laurence Loxam, ForFarmers' UK Robotics Commercial Manager will be discussing:

  • Why grazing cows on robots is an attractive option?
  • What the potential complications are and what technology can be used to overcome these?
  • How farms are best set up to help cows graze while milking on robots?
  • The advice Brian would offer other farmers considering grazing with robots

Join our informative webinar and gather knowledge that will help steer you in the right direction and make important decisions such as, are robots right for you and your business?

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